Artists Who Take Art to the Next Level

When it comes to art, there is no doubt that this field is a very complex one, yet extremely interesting and beautiful. Fortunately, these days, there are plenty of amazing artists all over the world who offer us stunning works of art. Some of them are more traditional whereas others are extremely innovative. Here are some of the best artists who take art to the next level.


Cecilia Webber

This is one of the many modern artists who love being innovative and showing to the public some truly spectacular pieces of art. Cecilia Webber actually uses human bodies in order to create her digital photographic images, which are without a doubt unique. Her area of interest is the naked bodies painted strategically to create some repetitive patterns that reflect not only a plant but a creature as well for one of her plenty masterpieces.

Frederic McSwain

The most interesting thing about this artist is that it created a very beautiful portrait as a tribute to his best friend, Tobias Wong, who unfortunately died from suicide. Nothing unusual so far, you would probably say, but what’s absolutely amazing is that the portrait was actually made using not more and not less than 13,138 dice, one of each day of Tobias Wong’s short 35 years.

Erika Iris Simmons

Erika is another modern artist who takes art to the next level. She uses all sort of old cassette tape in order to create her popular celebrity portraits. Erika likes very much to preserve old technologies of this type that are no longer being used. Using these tapes, the artist basically recreates portraits of famous people such as Marilyn Monroe or John Lennon, and the result is absolutely stunning.

Kumi Yamashita

This artist beautifully manipulates light and shadow in order to produce fantastic shadow art. Kumi places her solid materials in the direction of light so that she can capture the wonderful shadows produced by the interaction.

Kseniya Simonova

Believe it or not, sand can also be used for creating some spectacular works of art. Therefore, if you want to see this type of art, then you should look for Kseniya Simonova, a very famous artist who uses sand in order to create animated stories. From just a pile of sand, the artist can push, rub, and pinch the sand into accents that actually translates into an amazing depiction of stories.

Guy Laremee

You won’t believe that this artist’s sculptures are actually made of paper books. These works of art will certainly blow your mind. Just have a look at Guy Laremee’s official website in order to learn more about his work. Furthermore, you can always check for the latest art exhibitions where Guy displays his beauties.

Susan Beatrice

How can you not love Susan Beatrice, this lovely artist who definitely takes art to the next level?! She uses old watch parts in order to create the most innovative steampunk sculptures. She mainly uses recycled parts which beautifully combine her passion with her love for nature. There is no doubt that Susan Beatrice takes art to another different level, a more interesting and amazing one.

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